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Four advantages to help you reach your promotion goals

  • 快速反应,进行新闻发布和信息披露 Faster- quick response, press releases and information disclosure

    Disseminate information quickly and accurately within minutes, and publish announcements on dozens of well-known media at the same time within a few hours to quickly and efficiently disseminate information

  • 快速提高品牌影响力,提升公关传播效果 More authoritative- quickly increase brand influence and enhance public relations communications

    Promotion in the form of news can quickly, cost-effectively and effectively increase the visibility of an enterprise or product, making it more authoritative

  • 利用新闻稿传播,提升SEO的效果 Easier search- use press releases to spread SEO

    Appeared in the news search results of search engines such as Baidu, Google, 360, Yahoo, Sogo, Sogou, Youdao, etc., and made the ranking higher

  • 吸引客户,促进销售,招引投资 Broader reach - attract customers, boost sales, and attract investment

    Adopting a news communication model for promotion can generate frequent news exposure. In addition, Yituo Network holds a large number of news media, which can be released to second- and third-tier cities according to your needs!

Potential customers can come by entering keywords on search engines

Bulk articles are published randomly in 500 news media such as Sina! Enhance your company's influence across the network and build your corporate brand!


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