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Product Features and Introduction

  • Dual-mode marketing website

    1. Independent domain name and 1G space, free choice of full series of styles, powerful combination of functions. (Personalized website style selection)
    2.Browse the mobile network and the Internet simultaneously;
    3.Enterprise video broadcasting system;
    4, SEO self-help optimization.
    5, third-party integrity certification.
  • Comprehensive marketing website

    1.SEM search engine marketing
    2, 51G3 business search keywords ranking
    3, mobile phone and Internet synchronization marketing
  • Browsing Analysis and Conversion

    1. Accurate traffic statistics and effect analysis
    2.Real-time online customer service
    3.Online QQ management system
  • Network marketing training

    1. As long as 30 minutes a day, any business clerk can easily achieve online business.
    2. Download online marketing training courses
    3. Training picture display
    4. Operation video download

Why choose an internet marketing system

  • The website is not searchable on Baidu, and all the competitors' websites are in front?
  • Today's customers, the scope of search accuracy is getting smaller and smaller. Is there a product that can capture these customers?
  • Baidu's bidding costs are high. We are not afraid that there are orders, but the order volume is still too small. Are there any products that can help me increase my order volume?
  • There is no brand offline, and the company has no scale, but would like to defeat competitors online and establish an online brand threshold?
  • The mass distribution software used in the past has a low success rate, unstable information rankings, and unchanged website rankings?
  • Internet promotion is real. Want to find new ways to improve online marketing performance?
  • I want to hire someone to do marketing, but it is difficult to recruit people and the cost is too high. The most important thing is not to be professional;
  • Many network products have complicated operations and average effects. Is there a product with simple operation and super strong effect?
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