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Website construction flowchart
Website construction flowchart
1. Customers put forward requirements
Customers ask for "basic needs" for building their own website by phone, email, or other feasible means.
2. Our company (Xiamen Yituo Network Technology Co., Ltd.) provides "Solutions and Quotations"
Answer customer inquiries, respond to customer needs, provide implementation plans and quotes for customer reference and selection.
3. Communicate and negotiate to determine the contract
The two parties will negotiate the content and specific needs of the project through interviews, telephone calls or emails. After the approval of both parties, the Website Construction Contract is signed. Pay related costs.
4. Provide information and project implementation
The client provides the website to produce all text materials (electronic manuscripts) and picture materials. We design the overall style and layout of the website in accordance with the requirements and issue a design draft. After the customer reviews and confirms the design draft, we produce a template file of the home page and content page. After the customer reviewed and confirmed the template, we started the overall website production.
5. Customer acceptance and launch of website
1. All website files are uploaded to our test server uniformly, and customers can browse and check online within the specified time;
2. The acceptance items include the accuracy and validity of the link, whether the page is true to the design draft, the compatibility of the browser, the correctness of the text content (based on the electronic documents provided by the customer), and the validity of the functional modules;
3. If the acceptance is qualified, the client shall issue the "Confirmation Letter for Website Construction Acceptance".
4. The customer pays all the costs for website construction in accordance with the "Letter of Intent for Website Construction". After receiving the customer's payment voucher, we will hand over all website documents to the customer, or upload the website directly to the designated server upon the customer's entrustment.
6. Project completion and later maintenance
At this point, the website construction process is over, and it has begun to enter the later stage of website maintenance.
1. Provide website domain name resolution, space maintenance, corporate post office setting, regular website security inspection, data backup and setting services.
2. Modification of web pages: Maintain and update the text and pictures on the web pages without changing the structure and style of the pages;
3. Background modification: Lubricate background operations to make it more applicable and ensure that the program is free of defects and loopholes at any time.
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