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Xiamen Website Optimization Expert-Xiamen Yituo Network solemnly promises: Website optimization will not work, and we will refund unconditionally.
If users can't find your page on the first five pages of Google and Baidu, then your website is worthless! Yituo Website Optimization Research Center is dedicated to provide you with website optimization and promotion work, from natural keyword ranking improvement and whole station optimization to website promotion and online marketing planning.
What is website optimization
Website optimization: It is the rational design of the website function, website structure, web layout, website content and other elements to make the website content and functional expressions reach the best effect of user-friendliness and easy promotion, and give full play to the website's network marketing value ; Website optimization is embodied in three aspects:
从用户的角度来说,经过网站的优化设计,网站内容在满足用户的需求的同时用户可以方便地浏览网站的信息。 ① User experience design: From the perspective of the user, through the optimized design of the website, the content of the website can meet the needs of the user while the user can conveniently browse the information of the website. The second is visual design, which is actually to convey a message and make the product attractive.
是指遵循搜索引擎的搜索原理,对网站结构、网页文字语言和站点间互动外交略等进行合理规划部署,以改善网站在搜索引擎的搜索表现,使得搜索引擎则可以顺利抓取网站的基本信息,使网站的相关信息出现在理想的位置,使得用户能够发现有关信息并引起兴趣,从而点击搜索结果并达到网站获取进一步的信息的服务,直至成为真正的顾客。 ②Search engine optimization: It refers to following the search principle of the search engine, and rationally planning and deploying the website structure, the language of the web page, and the interactive diplomacy strategy between the sites to improve the search performance of the website on the search engine so that the search engine can smoothly Take the basic information of the website, make the relevant information of the website appear in the ideal position, so that users can find relevant information and arouse interest, and then click the search results and reach the service of the website to obtain further information, until they become real customers.
从网站运营维护的角度来说,网站运营人员则可以对网站方便地进行管理维护,有利于各种网络营销方法的应用,并且可以积累有价值的网络营销资源,在方便客户使用的同时也方便自己进行日常的网站信息更新、网站维护、网站改版,便于获得和管理注册用户资源等。 ③ Website operation and maintenance: From the perspective of website operation and maintenance, website operators can easily manage and maintain the website, which is beneficial to the application of various online marketing methods, and can accumulate valuable online marketing resources, which is convenient for customers. At the same time, it is convenient to perform daily website information update, website maintenance, website revision, and to obtain and manage registered user resources.
The benefits of website optimization
Compared with the promotion methods of other websites, website optimization rankings have the advantage of high cost performance, and only a small amount of money may achieve more and better results, which is the primary choice for website promotion of SMEs.
① The effect of serving multiple purposes is the most cost-effective and effective website promotion method
Website optimization through reasonable design of website functions, website structure, page layout, website content and other elements, so that the website complies with the search engine search rules, so the optimized website can not only achieve better rankings on Google, Baidu, Yahoo Yahoo, Tencent Search (SOSO) and other search engines will achieve better rankings (but will not exceed the position of click bidding). It is equivalent to spending a small amount of investment to advertise on several major search engines at the same time, truly achieving the investment effect of low investment and high return.
② Website optimization is highly targeted
Potential customers who are really interested in the company's products can directly access the relevant pages of the company through targeted "product keywords", which makes it easier to reach a transaction. Help companies get a large number of business consultation calls, faxes, and emails, so that customers can find you proactively.
③ High user acceptance
Because the optimized website search ranking is a normal search ranking, user acceptance is 50 times that of advertisements: because in search pages, the click-through rate of ads is generally below 5%, and the website clicks on search results are almost 100%! (This need not be explained in detail, everyone has personal experience).
④ Low cost of website optimization
Let ’s make statistics. Some popular keywords are listed on the first page of Baidu search results. The lowest price is calculated at 1-50 yuan / time (this price is for reference only. The actual price is based on the data published by Baidu website). , The average daily clicks are calculated according to 60-80 times, which means that the daily cost is about 60-400 yuan, which is about 100,000 yuan a year; the keyword "waterproof material" is the first page of Yahoo search results, the lowest The price is calculated at 1.80 yuan / time (this price is for reference only, the actual price is based on the data published on the Yahoo website), so we use website optimization (search engine optimization or SEO) to make the website into the first page of search results, No matter how many clicks a day, you do n’t have to pay for any clicks.
⑤The world's largest network marketing platform group with wide coverage
The survey shows that 75% of the website's visits come from search engine recommendations, so the mainstream search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and domestic Baidu) are the most valuable corporate promotion platforms. Our website optimization service is optimized for mainstream search engines, so that your website can get a better ranking among the mainstream search engines; our website optimization case
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