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Network Marketing

It took three years to build a common choice for tens of thousands of companies

Forty engineers and dozens of experts from China Southern Netcom spent three years and spent billions of dollars to build the "G3 Cloud Promotion System." So far, 50,000 companies have chosen Southern Netcom-G3 Cloud Promotion!

Cloud promotion advantages

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Are you still worried about these issues

Network Ranking

The search engine ranks behind, is very unstable, and is not well indexed?

Bad branding

The company is not well known and the audience is small? Urgently need to promote corporate brand quickly, deeply and widely?

Less customers and orders

Website traffic fluctuates, basically depends on promotions, and there are many invalid and low-quality consultations, unable to control the quality of customer groups, too few orders?

You just want to make money quickly

Advertising puts a lot of money but returns "amazing"?

Baidu bidding, Google keywords, Sogou scene ads ... a lot, can you ask Yuan Fang?

A system that can run business on the Internet

Cloud website

Three screens in one 101 station to spread your business across the Internet

100 authoritative portals provide exclusive resources, and the brand's high-quality image can be easily built in batches of 100 marketing topics + corporate marketing official websites to help enterprises take off

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Cloud search

Build 100 marketing websites in one batch, and achieve search engine rankings such as Baidu within 12 hours.
Unlimited keywords set with cloud search!

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Cloud news

Bulk articles are published randomly in 500 news media such as Sina! Enhance your company's influence across the network and build your corporate brand !

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Cooperative Media

We have reached strategic cooperation with thousands of media websites to serve our customers and make your website promotion easier, faster and more effective!

Cloud Advertising

Batch release information on hundreds of classified information websites and B2B commerce websites at once!
Increase your company ’s information exposure !

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Help you seize unlimited business opportunities-mass advertising, let customers in need find you

Cloud Alliance

Display your ads in batches next to the information ads your competitors post online,
Hit your competitors' ads!

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G3 micro station

You do n’t have to spend money on a mobile website, you do n’t have to spend money on a micro mall ,
No need to spend money on online customer service system, it's all here!

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Choose G3 cloud promotion-let you easily play online marketing

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